There is no doubt we are in the midst of a fundamental turning point in history that is changing the way we think, communicate, and ultimately will live. This means we’re going to need knowledge not yet known, for jobs that don’t currently exist. Additionally, we’ll need to solve problems that we don’t even know are problems yet.

Today's leaders need to apply adaptive planning and transformational thinking if they are to respond to what instructor Rick Smyre refers to as the Creative Molecular Economy. This economy is one based on the integration of emerging technologies, such as microprocessors, microsensors, nanotechnology, new materials science and biotechnology, with creative individuals, groups and companies organized in interlocking networks, connecting and disconnecting constantly in processes of continuous innovation.

All of these changes are reasons why we need to think about how we can thrive in a future where survival will be dependent upon transformational thinking and continuous innovation.

This series of webinars will help each community leader answer the question each of us needs to ask – is our community ready?

Target Audience:

This certification is aimed at better preparing individuals serving in a senior leadership capacity e.g. elected officials, CEOs, CAOs, Executive Directors etc. to respond to trends and issues impacting communities.


Webinar: Preparing for a Society That Doesn't Exist: An Introduction to Community Transformation

  1. An historical shift
  2. Four fundamental principles of transformation
  3. Shifting from strategic planning to adaptive planning
  4. Focusing on the's no longer "either/or", it's "and/both"
  5. Futures thinking without bounds
  6. The future as systems

Webinar: The Future Isn'tWhat It Used To Be: Unlearn or Forget It!

  1. From linear concretenessto non-linear comfort with uncertainty
  2. From hyper-competition to collaboration
  3. Strong beliefs will kill you....moving beyond traditional ideas
  4. The new science of "risk taking and mistake making"
  5. What you thought "just ain't so"
  6. The emergence of weak signals

Webinar: Connections, Connections, Connections: It's Not What You Know, It's Who & What You Connect

  1. Seeing connections among totally disparate ideas
  2. Connecting trends and weak signals into a "futures context"
  3. Connecting "interlocking networks" as the structure of constant change
  4. Continuous innovation is the "connective tissue" of a community in transformation
  5. Questions connect, debate divides.
  6. Connective listening...shifting the balance of power.

Webinar: What In the World?...Emerging Ideas for a System of Community Transformation

  1. The circles of systemic community transformation...21st century concepts, values, behaviors, skills,
  2. Capacities and strategies.
  3. Transforming economic development...unleashing fundamental change of a Creative Molecular
  4. Economy with a Future Forward Workforce
  5. Transformational Learning....a Future Forward College
  6. Mobile Governance...updating "sovereignty of the people"
  7. Transformational Leadership...creating "master capacity builders"
  8. Building "capacities for transformation"

Webinar: Adapting to Constant Change: The Roles of a Master Capacity Builder

  1. Identifying emerging trends, minitrends, weak signals and their impact
  2. Systems thinking and creating parallel processes
  3. The use of chaos, complexity and ecology theory
  4. Searching for "access points"
  5. When you see a fork in the future, take it! Taking appropriate risks.
  6. Asking appropriate questions and the art of "futures generative dialogue"