(customized for London Child and Youth Network)


The intent of the Community Connectors certification is to ensure consistent, welcoming, and knowledgeable Community Connectors within Neighbourhood Family Centres who are equipped to support children and families in achieving their full potential.

It is important to note that certification in “Community Building Foundations” is a prerequisite for those wanting to be certified as Community Connnectors.

Upon completion of this certificate, participants will be able to reliably:

  • facilitate intentional connectivity to services by providing a personal and individual approach to every parent and child;
  • demonstrate extensive knowledge of all of the programs and services available (a) within the Family Centres and (b) those available throughout the community;
  • proactively guide parents and children to additional programs or services that might be available to them;
  • support appropriate volunteer involvement;
  • apply effective administrative support that will enhance the quality of support being provided, and;
  • perform ongoing self-assessment and utilize self-care strategies to enhance professional competence.

Target Audience:

Staff and Volunteers serving in the role of a “Community Connector” within a neighbourhood Family Centre, or those who serving in roles that involve providing information and referral to community services.

Learning Options and Cost:

  • 8 modules (1.5 hours each), a number of specific assignments (4-6), formal testing, and reflection within a CoP (Community of Practice) to ensure peer to peer learning
  • can be taken via online webinars at a cost of $50 for each webinar
  • in some cases, face to face workshops may also be an option

Note: There are some options for supporting self-directed learning or busy schedules. For example rather than choosing to participate in the live webinar, a participant could instead watch the recorded video when they choose. Additional background resources and readings are also 1available within the Campus Learning Centre.

Testing and Certification:

  • Testing is optional for all participants but it is a requirement for receiving the actual certification.
  • If participants select the testing option, they will be provided with access to a practice tests but there will only be one final written test for the actual certification.
  • For certification, participants will also be required to select assignments (4-6) from a “menu” of options. These are practical applications and are related specifically to the work being done as “community connectors”.
  • Testing Cost: $250
  • When an organization is subsidizing the cost of training they have the option, as a condition of that scholarship, to support local learners as a Community of Practice (CoP) and have them apply their learning to a specific, joint initiative.


CC101 Community Connector Roles and Responsibilities
CC102 Tips and tools for Creating an Inviting Environment
CC103 Policies and Protocols for Community Connectors
CC104 Accessing Community Information
CC105 Effective Communication
CC106 Intro to Volunteer Management
CC107 Intro to Self Care
CC108 Community Connectors CoP