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 Tammy Horne, Ph.D., WellQuest Consulting Ltd.



 This course will address questions such as:

  • Are we delivering programs and services that are meaningful and relevant to our communities?
  • How do we decide what is meaningful and relevant?
  • Do we make a difference? How? How do we know?
  • How do we communicate results to show accountability to community members and decision-makers?
  • How do we sustain an ongoing focus on learning and improvement?

This online course will be interactive and experiential. Tammy will share her 20-plus years of knowledge and real world stories of planning and evaluation. More importantly, she will encourage you to share your own practice-based insights, and to examine ways to make evaluation “community friendly”.

 The following topics will be addressed through five content modules:

  • CE101 How Will We Make Our Work Relevant and Meaningful in Our Communities? (Evidence-informed Planning for Community Initiatives)
  • CE102 How Will Our Work Make a Difference in Our Communities? (Using ‘Evaluative Thinking’ to Connect Planning & Evaluation)
  • CE103 How Will We Know If We Are Making a Difference? (Gathering Data about Processes and Outcomes)
  • CE104 What Does Making a Difference Mean? (Looking for Patterns & Reflecting on Meaning –  Answering the ‘What?’ & ‘So What?’ Questions)
  • CE105 How Will We Use What We Learn to Keep Making a Difference? (Sharing Our Insights & Planning Next Steps – Answering the ‘Now What?’ Question)

We will also have a preliminary Orientation/Getting to Know Each Other module (CE Orientation), so you can meet other participants and to ensure a comfort level with using Adobe Connect (for webinars) and Moodle (to keep ‘talking’ in writing, between the webinars). Each module will include a mix of resources (print, audio-visual), learning activities, and interactive discussion.



Target Audience:

 This course will be of interest to those working at all levels in non-profit or government settings wanting to know more about evaluating community-based initiatives. In order to be certified, partcipants must have a specific projet or initiative that needs to be evaluated and will need to complete a number of assignments. 



Overall Learning Objectives for the Course:

 You will be able to:

  • Find credible sources of evidence and other evaluation-related information online
  • Connect planning a community initiative with evaluating it
  • Follow key steps involved in evaluating a community initiative to see what difference it makes  
  • Decide what evaluation findings mean – and implications for action
  • Communicate evaluation findings in ways that are relevant to community members and decision-makers



Time Commitment:

There are live interactive 5 webinars each 1.5 hours in length. Additionally, there are readings and resources provided each week (accessed via the Learning Centre Moodle platform) for review. Weekly assignments related to the evaluation of your specific community initiative will be required. Time commitment may vary depending upon the complexity of the intiative being evaluated but estimated time commitment is 4-6 hours per week. 


Testing and Certification:

  •  each webinar cost is $50 
  • testing and certification cost is $400
  • total costs equal $650
  • certification will be on a "pass" or "pass with distinction" basis


About the Facilitator:

  Tammy Horne has been Principal of WellQuest Consulting Ltd. since 1994. WellQuest specializes in evidence-informed planning, evaluation, applied research, and professional development – at local, provincial, and national levels.

  Tammy’s focus includes intersectoral collaborations, partnerships and community development initiatives. Her work has included evaluation of the Active, Creative, Engaged Communities (ACE) initiative of the Alberta Parks and Recreation Association;  the Growing Food Security in Alberta Network, through Dieticians of Canada; and Partnership for Health Kids in Ontario, coordinated by Ophea, in collaboration with Health Nexus, Parks and Recreation Ontario, and People for Education.    

  Tammy’s academic training, combined with many years of hands-on consulting experience in diverse settings, has given her the ability to ground her work in sound principles, approaches, and methods. At the same time, her way of working is engaging, inclusive, participatory, relevant, and practical.  Tammy is a Credentialed Evaluator with the Canadian Evaluation Society, and is presently working toward a Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education from the University of Alberta. She published one of the first resource Canadian manuals on program evaluation that was written specifically for practitioners, entitled Making a Difference: Program Evaluation for Health Promotion.

  Tammy has been facilitating online learning experiences since 2000. She is an Adjunct Associate Professor in University of Alberta's School of Public Health (Centre for Health Promotion Studies), where she taught several courses, including online delivery of Program Planning and Evaluation. Tammy has a Ph.D. in Kinesiology from University of Waterloo, specializing in social and cognitive psychology.  Her Master’s, from University of Western Ontario, was focused on leadership in sport.


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