The Campus for Communities of the Future is a social enterprise being developed by Grassroots Enterprises,

We are committed to investing all profits into making a difference. We bring diverse skills sets and experience driven by values reflecting deep care and belief in the power and potential of communities.

We understand that utilizing a community development approach is essential for relevant, innovative, and sustainable communities.

In addition to caring deeply about strengthening community capital, we are passionate about utilizing technology to enhance and enrich learning—particularly in rural and remote communities.

We bring extensive experience in interactive and effective web-based training, curriculum development, moderating and facilitating online, building inclusive communities, and a track record of providing often complex support, on time and on budget.

Grassroots Enterprises built their first community portal (pre-Internet) in 1994. Subsequent joint initiatives have included the National Voluntary Sector Portal (2005), eLearning for voluntary sector capacity building delivered by the Niagara College Centre for Community Leadership (1999-2006), Public Health Agency of Canada (2007) - online storage of VSI curriculum, and Alberta’s Active, Creative and Engaged (ACE) Communities initiative (capacity building, portal, and eLearning from 2007-2012).

Grassroots Enterpises has also been delivering webinars for Parks and Recreation Ontario, Recreation Connections Manitoba, and Saskatchewan Association of Recreation Administrators.

Additionally, Grassroots has partnered with the City of London’s Child and Youth Network to develop a number of certificate programs that are being delivered online e.g. Introduction to Community Building and Community Development for Practitioners. 

Each certificate is comprised of a series of modules that incorporate webinars, applied learning opportunities, peer to peer learning, testing, and certification.

The Campus focuses on supporting leaders at all levels to assist them in building the social capital and capacity within their communities that will ensure the critical foundation necessary for the collective impact that is essential for promoting active, creative and engaged communities.