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The Campus for Communities of the Future is a social enterprise that reflects the need to prepare for a different kind of future that will be constantly changing, interconnected, and increasingly complex.

Our Mission:

To help grow strong, vibrant, and innovative communities by harnessing the power of collective impact through collaborative online training, resources, and shared experiences for leaders at all levels.

.....because communities get better when their leaders do

Of increasing importance, this service and its related products are geared to supporting those who see the value and necessity of community building as an essential foundation for the collaboration and innovation needed to ensure transformed communities of the future able to respond to a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world.

Collective impact in communities will result when leaders from business, government, and the non-profit/social sector are supported to work together for collective impact and ultimately comprehensive community transformation. This means that communities will work collaboratively to generate innovative solutions for improving quality of life, creating jobs, protecting the environment, strengthening families, providing meaningful and relevant education, supporting healthy and active lifestyles, ensuring safer communities, and becoming more diversity-friendly. All of this will be done within a futures context.

Specific support and services from everyone and everywhere will focus in four distinct areas: 1) Tools 2) Training 3) Talent and 4) Talk.

The Campus for Communities of the Future is driven and reflects the following underlying values and beliefs:

  • Communities will thrive in constant change when strong and prepared leaders are in place.
  • Meaningful and sustainable transformation in communities originates from within.
  • Thinking within a futures context will be essential.
  • Local citizens are the experts on their communities.
  • Success results from building on a community’s assets and aspirations when they are aligned with an emergent future that identifies new ideas and innovations.
  • Trusted relationships and collaborative, interlocking networks are a key foundation for transformation and growth.
  • We are collectively responsible for contributing to the public good. (For the first time in history, self-interest and the common good are one and the same as a result of a “meshworks of connections.”)
  • Integrated delivery systems provide more effective support and services in a community.
  • Enriched communities result when diversity of people, ideas, and processes are valued, respected, and connected in collaboration.
  • Sustainability of our natural and built environment must always be a priority.
  • Creativity needs to be nurtured and valued for innovations to emerge.
  • For communities to truly be successful, quality of life needs to be aligned with a new approach to economic development that understands the need for a comprehensive approach to community transformation in public policy and investment.
  • Individuals and communities must make ongoing sustainability and development a priority.
  • People are more committed when they are empowered.