The Campus for Communities of the Future is a micro college built as a social enterprise to: 

"facilitate active, creative, engaged communities by enhancing the ability of seasoned and aspiring leaders to work collectively to address complex issues with transformative change" 

....because together we can ensure "leadership for communities without silos"   



Brenda Herchmer

Grassroots Enterprises

Barb Pedersen

Facilitate with Fun, Fervor and Focus!

Karen Driedger

Connecting 4Excellence

Punch Jackson

Punch's Place Unfinished Thoughts...

Beth Sanders

Nest City News 


Dan Ohler

Thinkin Outside the Barn


  • Next Community Building Certification begins Friday, March 31st


talent guildA directory of consultants, speakers, trainers, coaches, writers, facilitators, and volunteers who have specific knowledge and expertise in the area of community development or community building and would like to make it available to others on a paid or volunteer basis. If you'd like your profile to appear on our site, please register here.

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